Organizational structure

Wuxi huachen machinery industrial co., LTD., to build the organization structure is according to the functions of nature, is the most at the top of the general manager, responsible for the company's strategic decision-making, overall administrative personnel department, production department, sales department and technology department, the four departments directly responsible to the general manager, and that only four department personnel department and production department respectively set up hr and administrative supervisor position and the production manager in charge of the following various functional departments, hr and administrative supervisor is responsible for the company's training, compensation, performance, inductrial injury, external links, such as functions, and the production manager responsible for the company's workshop production, fire safety, material configuration functions, such as the technology department is responsible for the pre-sale support, product design and development;Sales department is responsible for domestic and foreign customers to develop sales;These departments are respectively set up corresponding related affairs to plan as a whole department head of department.

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