Corporate culture

Enterprise tenet: customer first, the credibility to win, good quality and service quality.
Business philosophy;
Quality - image;
The key of technology - off;
Management - the eternal theme;
The source of innovation, development.
Dedication, struggle, exploration, innovation.

Corporate image: in accordance with the management, management science, the industry civilization, style quality, quality service, good quality, exquisite technology and innovation.
Quality policy: advanced technology, management science, engineering, product quality, integrity weight, service in place.
Enterprise faith: walk road business today, do a good job in development tomorrow.Take the path of entrepreneurship and development plans, the magnificent words of the spectrum.
Business strategy: talent strategy, brand strategy, innovation strategy, market development strategy.
Implement the strategy of talents, brand, innovation and market development, consolidate and enhance the level of machinery and equipment, development, processing and manufacturing capacity.

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